Black Sun (Pendant in silver)

Black Sun (Pendant in silver)
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Material: 925 Sterling Silver | Dimensions: 2.9 x 2 cm | Weight: 2.5 g

A massive jewelry amulet of a sun gear, the Black Sun in genuine 925 sterling silver.
A wheel with 12 spokes in dessem center is a circle.

The term "Black Hole Sun" took its first mention already with the builders of the pyramids. The establishment of the pyramids are ascribed to an earlier, vanished civilization which was to settle in all fields of knowledge and in their social and cultural expression far beyond today's levels. According to the inscriptions and mystical verses, are the creators of this civilization, the Atlanteans, the Aryans of the island of Atlantis, which went down by an environmental disaster and has since continued to exist only in legends and myths. The defunct, legendary island of Atlantis (Hyperborea?) Scientists suspect in the North Sea, so the Germanic settlement and cultural area, which many ancient inscriptions also confirm several times. From the ancient traditions of Babilu shows that in the kingdom of Atlantis a "white sun" seems that shines on the world Earth and gives the day light (what we know as the sun) and there over the midnight mountain a black sun inside of us is lit, the power of knowledge gives. That is, the "Black Hole Sun", although not visible, but an esoteric metaphor for the light of your own inside, the soul of the people of Atlantis, which carries the wisdom of all knowledge of the beginning and end of time and other heralds of it. The force of the "Black Sun" Also other secret societies could never quite escape. Parallels to the existing twelve knights monks conducting Convention of the German Order of Knights in Malbork, to the twelve divine Asen the Edda, which act as judges over the fate of man, to the Twelve Tables knights of King Arthur. As historical templates designed probably served similar, but equipped with no symbolism Alamannic ornamental discs, which can be interpreted as representations of the visible sun or its course through the seasons.

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