Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)

Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)
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The magical runes Futhark orbits the Black Sun. This sun wheel has a diameter of approx. 40mm and a chain passage of approx. 4mm. The Schwaze sun amulet is silver plated.

The term "black sun" has already been mentioned by the builders of the pyramids. The erection of the pyramids is attributed to a former, submerged high culture, which in all areas of knowledge and its social and cultural characteristics was far above the present level. According to the inscriptions and mystical verses, the creators of this high culture, the Atlanteans, the Aryans of the island of Atlantis, were defeated by an environmental catastrophe and have since then only continued to exist in myths and myths. The hypocritical island of Atlantis (Hyperborea?), Which is believed to be legendary, is believed by scientists in the North Sea, that is, in the Germanic settlement and culture area, which many ancient inscriptions confirm several times. It is clear from the ancient traditions of Babilu that in the realm of Atlantis a "white sun" shines above the world's earth and gives the day light (the sun known to us) and there over the midnight mountain a black sun inside us Which gives knowledge of the power. That is, the "black sun" is not visible, but an esoteric metaphor for the light of one's own inner being, the soul of the people of Atlantis, which contains the wisdom of all knowledge from the beginning and the end of time. The power of the "Black Sun" could not escape other secret societies altogether. Parallel to the leading convent of the German Teutonic Order in Marienburg, consisting of twelve knight monks, the Twelve Divine Aces of the Edda, who act as judges of the human destiny, to the twelve tabernacles of King Arthur. The historical models were presumably similar, but without symbolic features of the Alamannian ornamental discs, which can be interpreted as representations of the visible sun or its course through the seasons.

Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)
Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)
Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)
Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)
Black sun in rune circle (Pendant in silver)

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